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Well, I suppose that I should do my own introduction, seeing as how the lovely akomachi has done hers already.

I'm wolfsamurai, your other moderator and mate of akomachi (natch). I've always been into myths and legends. When I was much much younger (around 8 years old) I read a book full of Greek myths until almost 3 in the morning because I just couldn't put it down. They were facinating. And to some extent I still have a soft spot in my heart for Greek myths. But my favorite new culture to study myths and legends from is the Norse (Viking) mythology. It's just really bloody nifty. I'm also very into Asian myths.

When it comes to writing I'm ~big~ on background for my story worlds. And that includes not only history but legends and myths as well. I tend to write longer stuff and I've got about 3 worlds that I'm building. One is a Japanese inspired tale, complete with (hopefully) Japanese flavored legends. One is a fairly standard fantasy world, inspired by some tales from D&D's Forgotten Realms. And the third one is a take on Christian mythology, dissassembled and reassembled in a very "What If" kind of way. In this particular case, what if the Jesus figure hadn't died for sins...but instead fought bloody battles for freedom?
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I'm also very interested in greek myths.

They are very fascinating to me, not only because of the giant horrible monsters, but especially because of the often true core hidden in them.
Remember Troja.

And I also find it fascinating that all the places are named and real, you can visit them even today !

Okay, perhaps for usual tourists it might not be very spectacular to visit Delphi or Necromeiton (the entry to Hades' land of the shadows),
but with the tales in mind it is phenomenal to visit real places where once myths and legends took place !

I dont like it that later the Romans grabbed greek myths and made them latin.
Heracles became Hercules, Zeus became Jupiter, Ares to Mars and so on.
What's real now ? How could stupid roman people believe in gods whos whole personality
was only copied from the greek people ?

I can only give the very advise to whoever is interested in greek myths:
visit Greece ! The Pelion with the horsemen, climb the Olymp and visit the ancient gods,
visit Delphi and Olympia ! Nearly every village has its own archeological excavation.