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..It's been too long my spirit's been at war, Havasupai Shaman let me be reborn.. [28 Sep 2004|10:32am]

[ mood | complacent ]

I was looking around and found a bunch of legends, from Egypt. Enjoy!

Journey to the Land of the DeadCollapse )

The Two BrothersCollapse )

The Doomed PrinceCollapse )

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..It's been too long my spirit's been at war, Havasupai Shaman let me be reborn.. [25 Sep 2004|11:09pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Here is one, I think you guys will like. Its a story about dolphins since some cultures believed them to be a lucky creature. I do.

The Man Who Married a DolphinCollapse )

More later when I find them, enjoy. :)


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[08 Sep 2004|07:02pm]

So yeah, it's tale posting time. And I'm gonna share with all'y'all my favorite Ancient Egyptian tale...

well, actually, my second favorite one. I can't find the first online, and the book I held it from has dissapeared. Fate.

The Book of ThothCollapse )
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Intro [08 Mar 2004|02:29am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Well, I suppose that I should do my own introduction, seeing as how the lovely akomachi has done hers already.

I'm wolfsamurai, your other moderator and mate of akomachi (natch). I've always been into myths and legends. When I was much much younger (around 8 years old) I read a book full of Greek myths until almost 3 in the morning because I just couldn't put it down. They were facinating. And to some extent I still have a soft spot in my heart for Greek myths. But my favorite new culture to study myths and legends from is the Norse (Viking) mythology. It's just really bloody nifty. I'm also very into Asian myths.

When it comes to writing I'm ~big~ on background for my story worlds. And that includes not only history but legends and myths as well. I tend to write longer stuff and I've got about 3 worlds that I'm building. One is a Japanese inspired tale, complete with (hopefully) Japanese flavored legends. One is a fairly standard fantasy world, inspired by some tales from D&D's Forgotten Realms. And the third one is a take on Christian mythology, dissassembled and reassembled in a very "What If" kind of way. In this particular case, what if the Jesus figure hadn't died for sins...but instead fought bloody battles for freedom?

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...Fox and the Moon.. [07 Mar 2004|08:34am]

[ mood | wee! ]

Found this one, its interesting, and cool. Since there be a fox in it. :DD ^_^ Enjoy.

Fox and the MoonCollapse )


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